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Loparic Colletion is an online publication of DWWeditorial, which contains texts by Z. Loparic published in languages other than Portuguese. All texts are presented together in a list in the chronological order and also separately, according the topics. The same texts can be found in Acervo Loparic/Temas/Outras línguas.

Zeljko Loparic has a PhD in philosophy and has tought philosophy and history of psychoanalysis at different universities in Brazil and other countries. Together with Elsa Oliveira Dias, he founded the Brazilian Society of Winnicottian Psychoanalysis (2005). In 2013 he promoted the creation of the International Winnicott Association (IWA) and was elected its first President. Next year he started coordinating and teaching the Sino-Brazilian Training Course in Winnicottian Psychoanalysis at the Huilongguan Hospital in Beijing. He is the founder of the Brazilian Institute of Winnicottian Psychoanalysis (2015), which in 2017 initiated a full 4-year Training Course in the Winnicottian Psychoanalysis at the Beijing Mental Health Center. His publications include the books (in Portuguese) Heidegger Defendant (1990)Ethics and Finitude (1995)Heuristic Descartes (1997)Kant’s Transcendental Semantics (2000)On Responsibility (2003)Heidegger (2004) and Winnicott and Jung (2014), several collective volumes, as well as numerous papers in Brazilian  and international journals on general philosophy of science (Carnap, Kuhn), history of philosophy (mainly Descartes, Kant, Heidegger) and history and philosophy of psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan, Winnicott). His complete writings are available online at Acervo Loparic.