CUI Jiefeng

Address: Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, Huilongguan Town, Changping District, Beijing, China, 100096;

Tel: 13621256977 (Mobile); 010-83024526 (Offfice)


CV: Dr. CUI Jiefeng (Chinese name), Jeffrey Cui (English name, briefly Jeff), male, born in October, 1972, associate chief psychiatrist, medical master, as a psychiatrist for 21years, as a psychotherapist for 12 years.

Educational and clinical experience:

1991-1996: Medical Bachelor, Binzhou Medical College of Shandong Province

1996-2002: Attending Psychiatrist, Zhangjiakou Social Welfare Psychiatric Hospital, Hebei Province

2002-2005: Medical Master, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2005-2009: Attending Psychiatrist, Psychiatry Research Center, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital

2009-2013: Director of Neuro-psychological Research Laboratory Beijing Huilongguan Hospital

2013-2016: Certificate of Completion of TCM, Advanced Research Training of TCM in China Academy of Chinese Medical Science

2013-    : Director of Research Center, Chinese-Western Integrative Medicine Institute, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital

Psychological training course:

2017- 2019: Advanced training project for Chinese training teacher of Winnicottian psychoanalysis

2014-2016: Three-year training project for psychological consultant of Winnicottian psychoanalysis

June, 2012: Satir Family therapy training, China Rehabilitation Research Center, Lai Qifeng

August, 2009: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy training, Hongkong Kowloon Hospital, Wu Wenjian

2008-2011: China-USA Three-year Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy training, WHO Collaborative Center of Beijing Psychological Crisis Prevention Research and Training.

Duration of Psychological Consultation, Psychotherapy and Supervision:

More than 10,000 hours for consultation duration; Duration for Receiving Supervision: more than 1000 hours. Duration for Providing supervision: 100 hours.